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Family matters

While you might invite Uncle Bob or Kathy from the YMCA to join a Circle, at its heart familywatch is about family. Sure, you You may want to wring their necks sometimes, but you’d do anything to keep your family connected. We get that. Everything we do is designed to help you manage the chaos that is daily family life. From seeing where everyone is on a map to letting them know you’ll be five minutes late, we’ve designed familywatch to make things a lot easier.

Family Matters

Knowledge is power

And we want to spread the knowledge around. At familywatch, we believe it’s important for everyone in the family to know what’s going on. We’re not about people sneakily tracking their loved ones, we can’t stop anyone from uninstalling the app, and there’s no way to hide the fact that our app is installed. Call a family meeting, set rules together, and then use our app to give everyone peace of mind and stay in sync throughout the day.

Knowledge is Power

We're here for you

You trust us with your whereabouts, and that's not something we take lightly. familywatch uses top-notch GPS technology, and your maps and chat channels are built with bank-level security. Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite.

We're here for you

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